Las Virgenes Pure Water Center

California Has a Water Problem...

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The city of Las Virgenes—and all of southern California for that matter—relies heavily on water that is sourced from more than 1,800 miles away. Through a complex series of man-made aquaducts, dams, pumps and canals, rain water from the High Sierra Mountains is pushed to the most populous areas of the state. This extremely inefficient and costly system is in place in defiance of a proven and readily available technology that can transform non-potable water from a variety of sources into pure drinking water. This technology, called reverse osmosis, has the potential to provide pure drinking water to local communities from water source directly on-site. This project is the creation of a pure water demonstration facility at the Las Virgnes Municipal Water Department. Minimally constructed within an existing building, the facility is designed to showcase the technology, invert public perceptions about recycled water, and celebrate the potential for independence from an antiquated potable water delivery system.
  • 2018 (planning)
  • Architect
  • Calabasas, CA
  • 1,500 SF


  • Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Eldo Team

  • Principal: Josh Shelton, AIA
  • Project Manager: Sean Slattery, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
  • Project Architect: Ted Arendes, R.A.
  • Curator: Hesse McGraw


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