John Renner, R.A.
Project Architect

John joined El Dorado after working for 4 years with another local Kansas City design firm where he focused primarily on the re-development of mid-century commercial buildings into regionally and culturally significant mixed-use projects. With this, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his projects and works hands-on with owners, contractors and multi-disciplinarian design teams to provide thoughtful design solutions effectively and efficiently. With a strong belief in personal ownership and commitment, John has proven to match high design standards with sensitivity and craft. His rigor and drive propel him to be engaged and deeply involved in all aspects of design – concept to completion. Ultimately, this leads to effective and efficient communication with all members of the design team; providing critical insight that not only provides necessary programmatic functionality, but also pushes creative boundaries.

Relevant Projects

Lone Oaks Farm Master plan
Market Station
Crossroads Hotel
Potrero Hill Innovation Center