Albina Vision Community Investment Plan

A re-entrification project that leverages community wealth-building strategies to organize an equitable planning process

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Historically, Albina was a thriving, affordable, and diverse neighborhood. Over the last 50 years, successive waves of urban renewal, interstate freeway construction, and a modern development framework that valued large, inwardly facing civic spaces displaced the people who lived there. The result is unacceptable. On the one hand, Albina is home to some of Portland’s most dynamic civic and entertainment venues—where a diversity of people come together. On the other hand, it is about 94 acres of central city real estate where some of our most conspicuous challenges converge: a lack of affordable housing and resulting homelessness; a maze of transportation infrastructure; the patchwork of private and public land ownership that makes pedestrian access to the east bank of the Willamette River impossible; and finally, the painful reminder of the intergenerational damage of displacement. The Albina Vision Community Investment Plan, initiated by Albina Vision Trust Inc. (AVT), seeks to create a vision and framework for an inclusive community while healing the wounds of previous urban development that displaced and disempowered Portland’s Black community. A wide range of community partners have worked to produce a development vision that lays the groundwork for investment in a diverse community. The vision is anchored by equitable public park spaces that seamlessly connect to the river and its surrounding neighborhoods. It is time to take the next step and transform the vision into action, coordinating and integrating community values and intentions with needed public, private, and community investment. The Albina Vision Community Investment Plan (AVCIP) aims to illustrate how a community anchored in sustained affordability, livability, and diversity can provide value to Lower Albina. Moreover, it will authentically involve the community in shaping a place that serves their needs while simultaneously considering financially feasible strategies for accomplishing this work over time.
  • 2020
  • Urban Design, Architecture
  • Portland, WS
  • 94 acres


  • Albina Vision Trust, Inc.

Eldo Team

  • Principal: Josh Shelton, AIA
  • Project Manager: Sean Slattery, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
  • Urban Design Project Manager: Brian Michener, RA, LEED AP
  • Project Designer: Samaher Baredooan


  • Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture: Agency
  • Community Connections: The Meadows Group
  • History & Storytelling: Soapbox Theory
  • Economics & Community Wealth-Building: Mark Norman and ECONorthwest
  • Film Production: Dru Holley


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