Volland House #1

A generic 1930's kit house gets a site-specific refresh that locks it into its context.

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House No. 1 started its life as “The Edison,” a ready-to-build kit house commonly sold by the Gordon Van-Tine company. It is likely that the house was delivered in the 30’s to Volland, KS on a train and assembled in its current position. The Edison was a two bedroom bungalow, described in the Van-Tine catalog as a “snug little home . . ., compact, easily heated, and with a room arrangement that is a wonderful space utilizer.” It was designed to be built anywhere and by anyone, regardless of local site conditions, limitations or qualities. The house today is being rehabilitated from a generic and common bungalow into a very specific and purposeful new artist studio and accommodation space for The Volland Foundation. Customizing the home is both careful and complicated requiring attention to detail and subtle moves that expound upon the home’s original features. One such move is a custom designed and fabricated window box that replaced the two smaller windows on the south elevation, framing the view toward the The Volland General Store.
  • 2019
  • Architect, Fabricator
  • Volland, KS
  • 600 SF


  • Patty Reece

Eldo Team

  • Principal: David Dowell, AIA
  • Project Manager: Chris Burk; Ted Arendes, RA
  • KSU Design+Make Studio


  • Contractor: Don Hendricks
  • Structural and Masonry: DGM Consulting
  • Interior Design: George Terbovich


  • Mike Sinclair
  • James Woodfill


  • 2020 AIA Kansas City Design Excellence - Merit Award


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